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ColdEh's Annapolis

2018 Spring Sail Boat Show Report

Updates from the ColdEh booth

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Springing from cool weather to warm weather planning

The crowds in Annapolis were dressed for cool weather but full of anticipation for the summer sailing season ahead in 2018. After strolling the docks in search of the boat of their dreams, 100's (or thousands?... it was a steady stream) dropped by the ColdEh booth to talk to our experts.

Here are some of the ColdEH system features that booth visitors were happy to discover in Annapolis:

  • The Tropics Energy Efficiency Test
    • We demonstrated the all NEW ColdEh 135 single-plate system performance at temperatures exceeding 110°F! As temperatures soared from the cool spring weather to tropical heatwave the ColdEh test box performance was unwavering – using a mere 1.5Ahs on average. Over a 48 hour period, the test box consumed only 52Ahs in total!
  • The Touch It and Hear It Test
    • No warmer than a hand shake! Those that touched the ColdEh demonstration compressor were astonished at its cool operation. They liked that very little heat is created by the system, making operation safe and comfortable (especially in warm weather).  And, our apologies to the visitor who stuck his finger in the fan because he didn't believe the system was operating!  Sorry for the shock and sting!
    • So many listened carefully – and were so surprised that they could barely hear the ColdEh system while it operated. It’s that quiet!  Combined with energy efficiency, ColdEh systems really work hard to NOT create background noise.
  • The NEW ColdEh Spillover System Solution!
    • ColdEh’s new optional Spillover System Kit includes all the components needed for efficient ice-box conversions and those looking for an alternative solutions to small bin freezers or older freezer/refrigeration systems that need to be upgraded… but don’t want the cost of two complete systems.
  • The What, Why and How of Insulation
    • From Aerogel to polyisocyanate to blue board, our visitors learned why compartment box insulation is critical to refrigeration and freezer performance, what insulation to use and how much is needed (including tips on how to replace old insulation without removing your countertop!)

Thanks again to all of our visitors --

it was our pleasure to speak with you.

At ColdEh our goal is to help solve the issues that are most important to you.

Thanks for sharing your views. Delivering what you want is very important to us.

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