• Marine Refrigeration Repair and Installation

    Serving Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario


    Mobile repair and installation for most brands and models -- fixing the problem conveniently where you are.

    Not enough ice?

    Using too much energy?

    or... has your system just stopped working?

    • Evaporator and holding plates
    • Controls and cables
    • Expansion valves (TXV) and capillary tube systems
    • Complete electrical wiring
    • System refrigerant recharging and leak detection
    • Upgrade of control systems
    • Replacement of compressors and condensing coils
    • Replace fan motor (if fan cooled)
    • Hose replacement

    We stock most refrigerants and have the specialized tools and expertise to do a thorough repair.


    Questions? It's easy to contact us:




    Text or call (647) 379-7446

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