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That's Cool, Eh!

Here are 17 cool things we have discovered from our customers...

ColdEh Marine Refrigeration made its mark as the first new North American manufacturer in over 20 years. And that is cool, eh! Here are other cool things we have discovered by serving our customers.

What people want (according to what they told us):

  • Help dealing with old 'energy eating' refrigeration -- well-found older and previously owned vessel refit and renovation investment is increasing and refrigeration is a top 5 refit choice
  • Boaters worldwide are facing inoperable or failing refrigeration systems... we helped people in 4 continents!
  • Marine enthusiasts consider cost first in the 'cost vs. price' decision... choosing their refrigeration systems to avoid the cost of replacement, short-life and need for constant maintenance
  • Those embracing new sailing lifestyles and long term live-aboard intentions, particularly in warm climates, want to enjoy the 'the comforts of home' (and that includes having dependable cold food storage... effortlessly)
  • Energy efficiency is the #1 benefit desired in a new marine refrigeration system -- to support efficient system energy management aboard (see the October blog "What is the #1 benefit?")
  • Refrigeration run by solar power only is a top goal of our customers! (it can be done)
  • High quality refrigeration systems are a consideration to contribute to added resale value

What people need (and what we help with):

  • Pointers on refrigeration options -- especially icebox conversions and spill-over vs. freezer compartment design planning
  • Information on how to insulate their compartment -- we did tests on 2 popular insulating materials and here's the Cruiser's Forum link
  • Help understanding water vs. air-cooled system options -- and why new air-cooled systems are not like the old ones!
  • To avoid corrosion and refrigerant blockage problems (hint:  try a TXV system!)
  • Installation support -- personal consultation can make all the difference! (and we love to help)

What's going to change (and why marine refrigeration won't the trouble it used to be):

  • Refrigerants -- so planning for a system that can use them is a new key consideration
  • Batteries -- lithium is finally becoming an option within reach (will compartment insulation needs become less important?)
  • Solar panels are getting better and less expensive (so is it time for 'solar-only' refrigeration solutions?)
  • New insulation technologies -- is Aerogel just the beginning?
  • The death of the cold plate -- with all the new technologies will 'storing cold' in space hogging plates see the end of their days?