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Tips on making your door re-insulation thin and effective

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Often when you re-fit your refrigeration, you need to upgrade the insulation in your compartment and don't forget the doors! It's ideal to have R30 insulation for refrigerators compartments, and R20 for the doors (because they usually need to be thinner). For freezers, R40 is ideal for the compartment and R30 for the doors. So how do you keep the insulation thin? We used Aerogel for the doors. It's a little expensive, but its effective and the doors are relatively small areas so it's not too costly. Aerogel is R10 per inch. It takes only 2 or 3 inches to achieve ideal insulation. Watch our video at on our the ColdEh Marine YouTube Channel or click here to open up a .pdf you can save with photos on how we did it. Tips on Door Compartment Insulation.pdf?id=57448