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What is the #1 benefit

people want from their

marine refrigeration?

The ColdEh survey results are in…

At the United States Sail Boat Show in Annapolis we conducted our ColdEh Marine Refrigeration survey.

We asked booth visitors to share some information on how they used their marine refrigeration and what benefits they wanted from their system (beyond the advantage of cold, safe food storage) including:

  • What power sources did these sailors use for their refrigeration needs?
  • What was their sailing lifestyle? (and did that change their refrigeration expectations?)
  • What system benefits did they value most?

Here are the ColdEh Survey results…

#1 feature wanted in marine refrigeration?

Energy Efficiency.

Mirroring our spring survey findings that the #1 reason people consider a new refrigeration system is power consumption, energy efficiency was the number one benefit desired in a marine refrigeration system.

The result held true regardless of sailing lifestyle – from occasional cruisers through to live-aboards and isn’t surprising. Core marine systems like navigation and lighting draw minimal power in comparison to marine refrigeration, making refrigeration systems a focus for efficient system energy management. And when on the hook, your boat is your home and your refrigeration system is the only system running steadily to tax your energy reserves.

#2 Reliability and #3 Low Maintenance

Knowing that their marine refrigeration is reliable and low maintenance are most desired by occasional and short cruise sailors. These two benefits were also scored highly by off-shore cruisers and live-aboards.

#4 Value and #5 Warranty

While only half as critical of Energy Efficiency, Value was rated highly by off-shore cruisers.

Survey results clearly demonstrated that the more time aboard individuals have, the more importance they feel a refrigeration Warranty has.

#1 power preferred source for marine refrigeration? 12/24VDC

28% of DC users also used AC (shore power) for refrigeration.

ColdEh’s new unique AC/DC automatic power conversion feature makes switching from one power source to another effortless – providing even energy self-sufficient vessels with easy at- dock options not previously possible.

Engine power and Solar Power Users

For 12/24VDC users, the majority noted engine power as their energy source for marine refrigeration… with exactly the same proportion of respondents noting that Solar is their power source of choice.

Keeping marine refrigeration energy consumption low and maintainable by solar power creates less battery and engine run time, helping to reduce ongoing costs and maintenance.

At ColdEh our goal is to solve the issues that are most important to you. Thanks for sharing your views.

Here are some ColdEH system features that booth visitors were happy to discover in Annapolis:

  • The ColdEh refrigeration compressor and evaporator plate performance demonstration as temperatures soared to the mid-80’s with 100% humidity impressed – performing at low speed in a 7CF box optimally insulated to R30.Energy consumption? A mere 1.6Ahs on average, with cycle times resulted in 10 Ahs used in 24 hours.ColdEh demonstrated remarkable energy efficiency.
  • No warmer than a cup of coffee!Those that touched the ColdEh demonstration compressor were astonished at its cool operation.They liked that very little heat is created by the system, making operation safe and comfortable (especially in warm weather). And, they listened carefully – and could barely hear the ColdEh system while it operated. It’s that quiet!
  • The NEW nickel platting on ColdEh’s full copper evaporator plates was a shining success!  The plating is remarkably think for continued high thermal conductivity, makes cleaning a breeze and looks great too! Those that did the ‘lift it’ test were surprised at the strength and weight of the evaporator plates – unlike delicate aluminum options.

Thanks again to all of our visitors in Annapolis and for our survey participants. We value your input.

ColdEh is proud to work to meet your needs and expectations.