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Why Copper Is A Good Choice For Marine Refrigeration

It starts by conserving earth’s resources...

Did you know copper is the most recycled and recyclable building material you can use? It rarely ends up in a landfill - it's just too valuable. In fact it’s about three times as costly as aluminum. Salvaged electrical wiring, plumbing tube and car radiators are the main sources for reclaimed copper, which is sold to brass mills, copper mills and refineries to be melted down and recast and developed into new products – like ColdEh 100% pure copper evaporator plates. Recycled copper helps conserve the earth's resources - a primary goal of the "green" building and off-grid movements. And it’s a longtime favorite metal of sailor’s and boater’s alike.

Copper is a good choice to prevent mold

Anywhere there is water there is the danger of mold. Copper works well to prevent internal molding and algae buildup. That’s why it is often preferred for plumbing applications.

Copper is a great choice for thermal conductivity

Copper is first choice for high thermal conductivity, operating almost 90% more efficient than aluminum when transferring heat from the air to refrigerant (and 10X better than stainless steel).

ColdEh Systems Have More Copper Than Any Other Marine Refrigeration

Why? First and foremost, ColdEh’s exclusive custom-copper evaporator plate design delivers copper’s remarkable thermal conductivity. That means your refrigeration has an heat transfer platform that removes heat more efficiently, so your system cools down quickly and stays cool, saving you energy (perfect for solar applications).

And here are three more advantages to ColdEh’s exclusive custom-copper evaporator plates:

  1. Copper is tough. That means your compartment refrigeration plates will stand the test of time… and withstand shifting load impacts and ice pick abuse too.
  2. Copper is corrosion resistant compared to stainless steel and aluminum. That means your compartment refrigeration plates will stand the test of time… in fact they will have an unlimited lifespan.
  3. Copper doesn't leach anything into the stream inside it – or outside. That makes the system safe for you…

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