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Find out the #1 reason

why people want to improve their marine refrigeration

· ColdEh,Marine Refrigeration

The results are in…

At the Annapolis Spring Sail Boat Show we asked booth visitors to share some information on their marine refrigeration needs.

We wanted to know what marine refrigeration systems these avid sailors used, what cold food storage formats they needed help with, and what the key problems were they faced in their goal of refrigeration nirvana.

Here is what you told us on the ColdEh survey

#1 reason for considering a new refrigeration system? Power consumption.

More than any other issue, our respondents noted that their existing refrigeration consumed too much power

55% of our respondents are looking for solutions for their marine refrigeration system

23% want to solve freezer issues and 22% want to solve spill-over system issues

2/3rds were experiencing issues with their water-cooled systems

1/3 experienced issues with existing air-cooled systems

Leaks and complete system failure were the next most cited issues

Followed by corrosion and general insulation and performance problems.

At ColdEh our goal is to solve the issues that are most important to you. Thank you for sharing your challenges with us.

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