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Are you a ColdEh fan?

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Are you extremely quiet?

Very, very efficient?

Do you only travel in pairs?

Are you able to work non-stop 24/7 for 15 years or more?

If you answered yes … amazing! We may have selected you to be a ColdEh fan!

Here's something else that amazing. 

Most marine refrigeration systems don't do very well on that quiz.

They have no fans (that can result in a short lived system) or one fan (but is it in the right place?) or you have to buy fans separately for your system (and that's costly).

Not having the fans you need can turn into a real problem.

Get to know the real ColdEh Fan(s)

Only ColdEh marine refrigeration systems come with Dual Fans (yes, two of them!) that work to move large amounts of air to cool your compressor and maximize its performance and lifespan.

And these aren't just any fans. They are whisper-quiet high-efficiency industrial grade fans rated IP67 (that’s almost water proof) and tested for 150,000 hours of performance.

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Now that's something to cheer about!