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How To Monitor Your System Easily

Using a Sight Glass

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Guessing games can be frustrating.

If you have ever experienced marine refrigeration problems, you know that it sometimes feels like a guessing game to figure out the cause. Most marine refrigeration systems don’t have a sight glass which is a tool that enables you to check that the condition and volume of refrigerant in your system is correct. With those systems it’s all just a guessing game. Some marine refrigeration systems have one sight glass located on the hard to view condensing unit.

Only ColdEh systems have two sight glasses to take out the guesswork.

The first sight glass is in the receiver drier on your condensing unit, conveniently located to monitor moisture in the system. But condensing units are the part of your system that you tuck away and they are usually a little difficult to reach. To make it easy for you, your ColdEh system is built with a second sight glass. It is attached to the evaporator plate that works in your refrigeration or freezer compartment. This sight glass is easy to see and it makes it convenient to monitor your system refrigerant fluid condition and pressure.

Watch this video to learn how they work.

 Watch this video to see the ColdEh system sight glasses, find out how they work and learn how to use them to do instant visual inspections to confirm your marine refrigeration system is working perfectly. No guesswork required!