• The ColdEh Difference.

    Despite all the advances in energy generation technology, many still struggle with the technology used to store fresh and frozen food efficiently without draining precious power resources.


    ColdEh air-cooled systems deliver a new approach

    to energy efficient marine refrigeration.


    ColdEh's unique system adjusts itself to changes and extremes in ambient temperatures.

    Unlike old air-cooled systems your ColdEh system will not lose efficiency as temperatures rise.

    We make it simple to run at peak efficiency all the time.


    Make ColdEh your choice for full-time, recreational and off-grid use.

    Advanced Technology.

    ColdEh air-cooled systems eliminate blocked capillary tubes, corroded aluminum components, and water-cooling.

    The ColdEh system is simple and sophisticated.

    We did our research and identified opportunities to improve marine refrigeration design component by component.

    Then we built the best system possible - uniquely matching quality, efficient components together.

    The result?

    ColdEh is cost-effective and easy to install.

    ColdEh stands up to extreme weather conditions delivering corrosion and hassle-free performance.

    Smarter Cold.

    ColdEh automatically adjusts its cooling capability according to the compartment's load.

    You get easy-to-set consistent refrigeration and freezing temperatures.

    Our secret? ColdEh's core components are made from pure copper

    for the highest thermal conductivity and fastest cool down.

    It is easy to keep food and drinks as cold as you want (more ice anyone?)

    Want a system you can count on year after year?

    ColdEh is built to be reliable.

    Enjoy remarkably quiet performance with such little operating heat that you can install it almost anywhere.

    Let ColdEh take the worry and work out of your refrigeration maintenance and make solar-powered-only simple.

    It is the ultimate in affordable luxury.

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  • Features

    Marine refrigeration has never looked so good.


    ColdEh Marine Refrigeration Systems use only the highest quality components for unparalleled durability, performance, and long life.


    We can help you select a system to fit your needs, or customize one to your specifications


    Every system is tested and shipped complete, ready for installation.



    12/24VDC and 110/240VAC 60/50hz

    adjusts automatically


    REFRIGERANT R134A fully charged and ready for installation



    with 3 speed control and LED display

    and Fault Light DIMENSIONS

    5" x 1.5" x 4" deep

    3cm x 4cm x 10cm deep


    CONDENSING UNIT coated with epoxy to resist corrosion DIMENSIONS

    12.5"WX10"DX10"H / 31.75cmWX25.4cmDX25.4cmH



    options to 50' / 15m

    flexible for easy installation


    100% COPPER EVAPORATOR PLATE(S) unique to ColdEh with Nickel plate finish

    premium thin 14 GA for durability

    custom-manufactured in 1, 2 or 3 plates or box bin up to 325ci to fit your compartment.


    TXV THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVE automatically adjusts refrigerant flow for changing load conditions


    SIGHT GLASS unique feature included for easy compartment monitoring



    with unique cool-to-the-touch performance high-efficiency with brushless motor mounted on a durable aluminum baseplate with vibration isolation feet for maximum sound insulation


    RECEIVER/FILTER/DRYER with sight glass for easy monitoring


    DUAL AIR COOLING FANS for whisper quiet operation and maximum cooling

    Noctua premium 150,000-hour long-life,

    high cfm, IP67 Ingress rating, waterproof



    Areoquip self-sealing fittings secure without "O" ring as a final seal to avoid leaks



    Refrigerator: 0C to 3C /32F to 37.4F
    Freezer: -18C to -15C / -0.4F to 5F



    22C/71.6F or specified Ambient Temperatures


    Top-loading 8cf Refrigerator with R30 insulation: 14ah/24hrs at 12V

    Plate size, single 300ci


    Top-loading 6cf Refrigerator with R30 insulation: 11ah/24hrs at 12v

    Plate size, single 325ci


    Top-loading 2.5cf Refrigerator with R30 insulation: 5ah/24hrs at 12V

    Plate size, twin 180ci


    Top-loading 2.5cf Deep Freeze with R30 insulation: 24ah/24hrs at 12V

    Plate size, twin 180ci


    Top-loading 2.5cf Deep Freeze (0f) with R40 insulation: 17ah/24hrs at 12v

    Plate size, twin 180ci


    Top Loading 7cf Deep Freeze (0f) with R30


    Single plate 17.5"X 12.5" or 219 square inches

    Compressor running at 2500 RPM

    85F ambient temperature

    45 ah/24 @ 12v


    (compartments closed and empty for all tests with the compressor running at the slowest speed of 2000 rpm or specified)


    Price. $2799.00 US

    Plus shipping to your door .


    WARRANTY 5 Years on major components

  • FAQ

    Frequently asked questions

    How are energy savings calculated*?

    ColdEh calculates estimated energy savings by comparing test system run-time rates and the average rates noted by leading refrigeration system providers. Our rigorous tests have been performed in 70F/21C and 120F/49C ambient environments. The result? 30% energy consumption savings.


    How do changing weather and ambient temperature condition effect energy use?

    As the ambient temperature increases your ColdEh refrigeration system automatically increases the rate it exchanges heat with its surroundings. The unique high-efficiency copper components work with a Thermostatic Expansion Valve to deliver consistent performance even as temperatures soar and your food stuffs load and use increase.

    It takes very little energy to maintain constant compartment temperature.

    The air-cooled condensing unit runs quietly and efficiently, eliminating the power draw experienced

    with auxiliary pumps found in water-cooled refrigeration systems.


    Will I need to charge the system to install it?

    All systems arrive pre-charged with R134A refrigerant which has been in long-standing use in mobile applications . 

    And we have worked to make installation even easier with easy to connect lines and simple wiring.


    How do I order my custom system?

    Measure the height, width and depth dimensions of your compartment to determine overall cubic foot capacity and determine your needs: refrigeration, deep freeze or spill-over.

    Click on the form above, complete it and email your order request to sales@coldeh.com

    We will be in touch promptly via email and/or phone to determine your specific needs.


    We will custom-build the evaporator plate(s) you need within 14 working days of receipt and deposit for your order, test the system for 48 hours to ensure its performance quality.

    We will notify of shipping costs and any applicable taxes.

    On receipt of your final payment your system will be shipped within 24 hours to anywhere in the world.

    Payment can be made online conveniently using PayPal. Use the Order Payment section found below.

    How much does a ColdEh system cost?

    A fully custom-built ColdEh system for one compartment (refrigeration or freezer) is $2,799US. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.


    What if I need help?

    We're available whenever you need us! Simply call, text, or email.

    We understand that selecting, installing and maintaining marine refrigeration can sometimes be confusing.

    That's why our experts are ready to help you personally.

    How do I defrost my ColdEh system?

    It's quick and easy to defrost your ColdEh freezer system.

    The compartment evaporator plate(s) is made of pure copper for maximum durability able to withstand impact.

    It is available in brushed nickel finish for long-lasting beauty.

    Watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcQskT8xXzY

    Is the ColdEh system user serviceable ?

    Yes the Coldeh system can be easily serviced . There are high and low service access ports on the condensing unit.

    The system is simple to charge. Our unique two sight glasses take the guess work out of great performance.

    Need parts? Call us or go to any marine store worldwide. ColdEh uses high-quality standard equipment you can get when you need it.

    Is the electronic thermostat and controller included?

    Yes, an electronic control panel with built-in fault light is included with every system.

    The controller is user programmable and has a manual compressor speed control switch at your finger tips.


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