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    Expert support to fit your unique refrigeration and freezer needs.

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    ColdEh Custom Systems

    Full Custom Design Refrigeration, Freezer or

    Spill-Over Systems

    *Free quote based on your specifications, starting at $2,500US

    UNIQUE CUSTOM 100% 14GA COPPER EVAPORATOR PLATES with optional nickel plating, offer optimal cool-down

    THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVE (TXV) automatically adjusts refrigerant flow for efficiency under changing load conditions plus unique SIGHT GLASS for easy compartment monitoring


    BD 1.4or35or50

    CONDENSING UNIT operates at 12/24DC with Danfoss controller delivering cool-to-the-touch high-efficiency performance. Mounted on a durable aluminum base plate with vibration isolation feet for maximum sound insulation and coated with black epoxy resin to resist corrosion

    NOCTUA PREMIUM AIR COOLING FAN shrouded for whisper quiet operation and maximum long-life and air flow
    RECEIVER/ FILTER/ DRYER with sight glass for easy monitoring

    REFRIGERANT R134A fully charged and ready for installation

    TEMPERATURE SENSOR with stainless clam shell protector and wiring with inline fuse to DIGITAL THERMOSTATIC CONTROL PANEL (°F or °C)

    delivers unique box-temperature control (not plate temperature)


    AEROQUIP SELF-SEALING CONNECTORS that secure without "O" ring as a final seal to avoid leaks



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    ColdEh Custom



    (included at no charge with system purchase)

    We love when sailors, cruisers and off-grid enthusiasts ask us for tips for resolving their refrigeration problems. We're happy to troubleshoot and make improvement suggestions.





    Need ongoing expert help choosing or installing your system or constructing or upgrading your compartment box?


    John Tully's advice is available by text and e-mail with a few phone conversations too. From technical specs to materials choices, John will answer questions and provide insights to guide you, whether your refrigeration needs are air-cooled, water-cooled, unique adaptations, installation of any brand of new equipment or repair of existing.









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    ColdEh Spillover System Kit


    Turn that old icebox into true boat refrigeration, or get more space if that ‘ice tray’ bin-style freezer is just a little too small. A ‘spillover’ system is a refrigeration compartment box that is divided into two separate sections with a partition dividing the box into a freezer section and a refrigeration section. Typically the box is designed to provide a ratio of 1/3rd freezer space to 2/3 refrigerator space separated by a well-insulated partition.
    This kit provides the fan and passage venting for the partition, as well as a thermostat to trigger air circulation between the freezer and refrigerator spaces.


    User programmable Digital Thermostatic Controller pre-wired

    DIMENSIONS: 3"x1.3"x3"/7.6cmx3.4cmx 7.7cm

    12V Refrigeration Fan

    2 Ventilation Tubes 4"LX3.5"W

    4 Stainless Steel Vent Covers

    Clamshell Thermostat Protector


  • FAQ

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I choose my ColdEh system?

    Measure the height, width and depth dimensions of your compartment to determine overall cubic foot (CF) capacity and determine your needs: refrigeration, deep freeze or spill-over.


    Choose the ColdEh system that matches your compartment size and needs.


    Questions? Don't hesitate to text, call or email us!

    How do I pay for my system?

    Once your ColdEh system selection is confirmed you can place your deposit for 50% of the system cost.

    Payment can be made online conveniently using PayPal. Use the Order Payment section found below.

    We will notify of estimated shipping costs and any applicable taxes.

    We will notify you when your system is ready for shipping and final shipping costs.

    On receipt of your final payment your system will be shipped within 24 hours to anywhere in the world.

    Will I need to charge the system to install it? Is it difficult to do?

    All systems arrive pre-charged with R134A refrigerant accepted world-wide for marine use applications .

    Installation is simple with easy to connect lines and color-coded wiring.

    Your receive a full installation manual and ColdEh is available by text, email or telephone to provide support.

    What if I need help?

    We're available whenever you need us! Simply call, text, or email.

    We understand that selecting, installing and maintaining marine refrigeration can sometimes be confusing.

    That's why our experts are ready to help you personally.

    Is the ColdEh system user serviceable?

    Yes the Coldeh system can be easily serviced. There are high and low service access ports on the condensing unit.

    The system is simple to charge. Our unique two sight glasses take the guess work out of great performance.

    Need parts? Call us or go to any marine store worldwide.

    ColdEh uses high-quality industry standard components you can get when and where you need them.