• The ColdEh Difference.

    ColdEh air-cooled systems deliver a new approach

    to energy efficient marine refrigeration.

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    Advanced Technology

    Despite all the advances in energy generation technology, too many boaters still struggle with storing fresh and frozen food efficiently without draining precious power resources.

    Why? refrigeration technology did not change for decades.... until now...


    ColdEh air-cooled systems deliver a new approach


    We did our research and identified opportunities to improve marine refrigeration design component by component. Then we built the best system possible - uniquely matching quality, efficient components together.


    Unlike old air-cooled systems your ColdEh system will not lose efficiency as temperatures rise. And you don't have the expensive and maintenance required with other air and water-cooled systems like blocked capillary tubes, corroded aluminum components, and thru-hulls and sea-strainer cleaning.


    ColdEh systems use a simple and sophisticated Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV). It's like having 'cruise control' on your refrigerant flow that delivers maximum efficiency over a wide temperature and load range and better cooling at high temperatures. You enjoy steady temperatures and cycle efficiency for the ultimate in energy economy.


    The result?

    ColdEh systems are reliable -- wherever your travels take you.

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    Smarter Cold.

    Our other secret? ColdEh's unique evaporator plates are made from pure copper for the highest thermal conductivity and fastest cool down. Copper transfers heat almost 2X faster than aluminum evaporator plates and almost 30X faster than stainless steel holding plates!


    That makes it easy for you to keep food and drinks as cold as you want (more ice anyone?) and run at peak energy efficiency. And copper is tough! No corrosion and it won't puncture if hit by shifting foodstuffs.


    Running your ColdEh system is a pleasure too. You enjoy remarkable quiet performance with such little operating heat that you can install it almost anywhere.


    Let ColdEh take the worry and work out of your refrigeration and freezer needs and make solar-powered-only simple.  It is the ultimate in affordable luxury.


    Want a system you can count on even in the tropics? Choose ColdEh.