• ColdEh How To Videos

    Because deciding on your refrigeration and freezer needs can feel complicated.

    How To Defrost Your Freezer

    It's quick and easy to defrost your ColdEh freezer system.


    The compartment evaporator plate(s) is made of pure copper for maximum durability. Its able to withstand impact from an ice pick or shifting food & drinks while you are asea... fantastic!


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    3 Steps To Keep Your Greens Great

    How To Keep Your Meds Safe in a Heat Wave


    How To Re-insulate Your Lids

    Insulation is key to good overall performance of your system. More is better! Aim for R30 for your refrigeration and R40 for your freezer.


    We know it can be daunting, so we try to help.


    Have questions on what to do? Ask us.


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    Marine Refrigeration In the Tropics

    (and why insulation is important)

    We did tests on 2 popular insulating materials. Here's the Cruiser's Forum link for more information http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f115/polyiso-vs-blueboad-xps-test-193232.html

    How A ColdEh System Works In Tropics

    High ambient temperatures can cause refrigeration system performance to fail.


    ColdEh new air-cooled system designs resolve the problems of old air-cooled issues, water and keel cooling installation & maintenance... while delivering dependable, efficient performance.


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    Avoid These 5 Refrigeration System Problems

    How To Set Your Thermostat

    ColdEh systems use Full Gauge Controls digital thermostat. Its user-friendly and compact. Watch this video to learn how to set your thermostat. For safe food storage use


    Refrigerator: 0C to 3C /32F to 37.4F
    Freezer: -18C to -15C / -0.4F to 5F


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    Plug it! Avoid Cold Air Loss From Your Refrigeration Compartment Drain


    How To Use a Sight Glass

    If you have ever experienced marine refrigeration problems, you know that it sometimes feels like a guessing game to figure out the cause. Only ColdEh systems have two sight glasses to take the guesswork out of monitoring your refrigerant levels. Find out how.


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    How To Monitor Your System Easily