• ColdEh

    trade name, noun



    The Frequently Used Canadian Word 'Cold'


    'Eh' which sounds like the letter A in the English alphabet.

    Canada is a land of surprisingly extreme conditions and temperatures.

    That's how ColdEh marine refrigeration systems got their name.

    They are built to perform whether your vessel is iced- in or in the tropics.

    Designed and field tested in ambient conditions from 0F to 120F degrees (-17C to 40C).



    How you can keep food and drinks on board consistently at a low temperature easily

    and energy efficiently


    the phrase people use when they want someone to know how their marine refrigeration works so efficiently

    It's Cold, Eh!


    the exclamation guests aboard make when they are surprised at the temperature of the food and drinks you serve

    The wine and ice cream are really Cold, Eh!